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1 pack of 2 sheets



Three major features:  

1. Super obedient printing sense 

The thickness of the stacking of stickers and paper tapes is different

as if drawn directly

In addition to the printing sense on paper, it can also be flat collage

Great for DIY decorating


2. Stacking method under transparent color 

Take the fun of stacking watercolor paints

Take advantage of no stitches on the media

You can freely stack different patterns to create an effect similar to "overlapping colors"

Because it is transparent, it is pasted on different paper

It will also show different effects due to the texture and background of the paper!


3. Splicing style of different materials 

You can cut out any shape you want

Stick on paper, showing different textures

Although it is not afraid of splashing water, if it is pasted on non-paper items

It is easy to get scratches after long-term use, and it is not recommended to brush!

Transfer sticker (random)

SKU: HCM0001

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